About Divinity Foundation

Divinity Foundation is a private, non-profit, humanitarian organisation based in Kenya. We aim at supporting and protecting the rights of children who are abandoned, orphaned, impoverished or victims of civil war and barbaric cultural practices that infringe their basic human rights.

We believe that children are the hope for a brighter and more loving future. They are the leaders, policy makers, doctors and educators of tomorrow. Therefore it is our goal to empower children to be future ambassadors of global peace. Through sowing seeds of care and compassion in our different projects we nurture them to be young humanitarians who will blossom into beacons of Hope, Humanity and Healing and will subsequently uplift their communities and society at large.

Aims and Objectives Divinity Foundation

The only way to have a better tomorrow is to nurture the children of today, more specifically impoverished and underprivileged children who would have a better appreciation for the need of a fairer society.

Divinity Foundation was founded in 2008 by British Osteopath Navdeep Matharu who’s vision was to one day have a more compassionate world, where the basic needs and rights of every human being are fulfilled in order to have a more healthy and peaceful existence.

Our aim is to reach out and support orphaned or abandoned children, Impoverished children affected by civil war, natural disaster or barbaric cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation and Impoverished mothers.

That means, that we:

-  provide healthcare and support to impoverished children and their mothers,

- give children protection and a nurturing home and safe environment in case they are threatened.

- Provide basic literacy education and vocational training to children and adults

- provide holistic-, sports- and music therapies to children who have suffered trauma

- take a stand in spreading awareness to forms of child abuse and offering support to victims

We aim to carry out our work :

- through the voluntary contributions of like minded individuals, who share our ethos of “Global Empowerment through Compassion”

- through volunteer practitioners, educators, musicians and professionals

- by pooling resources and working with partner organisations and NGO’s

- through Awareness and Fundraising activities

FGM Rescue Center

Since 2014 our FGM Rescue Centre in Amboseli provides protection and care to young girls rescued from the threat of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The girls are usually rescued by the local police and are referred to us directly by the children’s office and local area chiefs.

Once a girl is brought to the centre she is admitted temporarily pending further investigation before she is given permanent abode. Some of the girls also come running to our gates by themselves, fleeing the imminent threat of FGM within their families. While under our care a rescued girl receives 3 meals a day, a warm and safe place to stay, personal hygiene items and clothing as well as schooling, free healthcare and trauma therapy.

Girls are only under our protection until the age of 18 years when they are legally termed as adults under the Kenyan law. Together with social workers we aim to reintegrate the girls into their families whenever this is possible and safe for them. This process involves a lot of educational work within the families and communities. If a girl stays with us until the age of 18 years we also support her during higher education or university and we assure, that she will be able to earn a living by herself.

Currently there are 30 girls under our protection who live on the Rescue Centre grounds like a big family together with the five members of Divinity staff.

The project also features a dairy and vegetable farm, which provides the meals for the rescued children and teaches them in farming. We also have a borehole which not only supplies water to the centre but also to the neighbouring school of 1200 students and the surrounding village community of 1000 families.

If you want to sponsor one of our girls or donate towards the Rescue Centre in general, please go to www.divinityfoundation.com

Take action yourself ! Our fight against FGM

Support us, please!

Adinda is sinds mei 2013 als osteopaat vrijwilligerswerk gaan doen in Kenia, voor de Divinity Foundation

(mother and child center).

De medische vrijwilligers geven gratis medische hulp aan kinderen (weeskinderen, achtergelaten kinderen en kinderen in armoede) en vrouwen in de sloppenwijken en op het platteland.

In 2014 heeft de stichting een Rescuecenter voor meisjes opgericht. Hier worden meisjes tussen de 9 en 18 jaar opgevangen, gevlucht voor besnijdenis en kindhuwelijk.

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